Welcome to the Team SOAR blog!


Team SOAR began in 2007 as a group of 23 women who span the country, making a difference in our communities by speaking out. True, we are all survivors of sexual crimes, but we aren’t much different than your neighbor, sister, best friend, or mom. To read more about the incredible women of Team SOAR, visit here.

So, why a blog?

• Team SOAR’s blog is meant to be a resource for survivors and their loved ones. While everyone’s story is unique, sharing in each other’s journeys to recovery is empowering and healing.

• We want this to be an educational forum for the public. We want the stigmas associated with victim/survivor to change; the general public needs to realize survivors are real, normal people just like their family, friends, or neighbors. We aren’t merely statistics!

Blog topics will range from projects SOAR is working on to issues that survivors deal with to legislation and current events that we feel passionate about. Got something we should talk about? Be sure to leave it in the comments section. We want to hear from you! Along the way, you’ll get to know our bloggers pretty well.  We are just three of the 23 members of Team SOAR, but we will have guest bloggers along the way to keep things interesting.

I’m Amanda. I work in Human Resources/Recruiting in beautiful Colorado. I’ve been married for almost two years, and we bought our first home last November. I love card-making and cooking and embarrassed as I am to admit this at times, pageants. The heavy stuff: I survived a brutal attack and sexual assault about six years ago while on my daily run. I underwent a lot of brain therapy counseling to get through it, and still deal with side effects of the trauma today. It’s a reality I live with happily, because I’m living.

My motto is “Do Something”, because I believe every person should find a cause they care about or a problem they see in the world and do something about it. That’s one of many reasons I joined SOAR  (This won’t be as the last time I mention ‘do something’ on this blog!)

You’ll get to meet the other lovely bloggers in the following posts. They’re phenomenal women and I’m privileged to know them! We’re kicking off this blog April 1, and it’s no accident. April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Stay tuned for the many events Team SOAR members are participating in this month!

Love to you and yours —- Amanda


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