Thank you, Jon Stewart.


Senator Al Franken proposed an amendment that would deny defense contracts to companies that ask employees to sign away the right to sue if they are raped. It passed by a 68-30 vote in the Senate, all 30 “nay” votes coming from members of the same party.

Although Jon Stewart is an entertainer and comedian, he tackles news and events with refreshing candor (and, of course, sarcasm brilliantly intermixed with video clips). He didn’t let the 30 “nay” voters off the hook on this one.  As Stewart so aptly puts it, ‘if ever there was a time for the unanimous passing of an amendment, the Franken anti-government contractor rape liability bill would seem to be that. ‘

This isn’t a blog about politics, but don’t you think we’ve gone a little over the edge when we can’t agree to protect women from rape? I have a feeling if those 30 senators had family or friends who were rape survivors, they would have voted differently.

I don’t think I can express my outrage more lucidly or calmly than Jon Stewart does in this clip, so please watch and enjoy.

Love to you and yours.

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One Response to “Thank you, Jon Stewart.”

  1. Shannon S. Says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for sharing this, Amanda.

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